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The Curve Foundation

The Curve Foundation champions lesbian, queer women, transgender and nonbinary people’s stories and culture through intergenerational programming and community building. We bring the Curve magazine archive to life, providing context and a throughline between the critical conversations in the 1990s and early 2000s and today; we support the journalists who tell our stories; and we host events that bring our community together.

​Our work is critical to move the LGBTQ+ community out of a scarcity framework towards a future based on abundance. We dream of a world where we can see each other for who we are and embrace what makes us different; a world where our community doesn't define our unity through our shared oppression, but through our ability to come together in joy and solidarity.

​Join us in shaping this future. Your support, whether through donation, volunteering, or participation in our events, makes a meaningful impact on the lives of those we champion. Together, we can create a world where unity and joy define our LGBTQ+ community.

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