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The theme of this year’s Lesbian Visibility Week (LVW) is United, Not Uniform. Our aim is to celebrate lesbians and show solidarity with all LGBTQ+ women and non-binary people in our community. We believe in unity and lifting up those who are most marginalized.

Recent research from LGBTQ+ young people’s charity Just Like Us shows that two-thirds of lesbians delay coming out due to harmful stereotypes.



Lesbian Visibility Week at The White House

In a historic press briefing at the White House, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre took the podium to announce the launch of Lesbian Visibility Week 2023. As the first out lesbian to hold this position, Jean-Pierre highlighted the Biden administration's commitment to fostering inclusivity and celebrating diverse voices within the LGBTQ+ community. The presence of cast members and the creator of the groundbreaking television series "The L Word" emphasized the cultural impact of media representation in shaping perceptions and promoting understanding. The event served as a government endorsement and a cultural moment, showcasing the intersection of politics, entertainment, and advocacy in the ongoing journey toward equality and acceptance for all.

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